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8/15 - Bear Funk...
Special thanks to all those who came out to enjoy
BFJ at the Little Bear in Evergreen, Colo. What a
great venue -- we look forward to returning very soon!

Also thanks to the legendary Joe Bonner
who was kind enough to sit in with the band at
Herb's Hideout in Denver. If you were lucky enough
to catch Joe in action, you saw him keep playing
even when his keyboard fell on the floor!

7/18 -- Average Bands...
July 18 at Boulder's legendary Fox Theater
was a terrific show. BFJ opened for
*The Average White Band.*

These soul funk legends are the musicians
behind the hit instrumental "Pick Up The
Pieces." Check out their web site.

Thanks to the Fox staff and AWB for a
great night of FUNK.

We've got some new RealPlayer video footage...

Check out video from BFJ live at the
Boulder Creek Festival, courtesy of our friend
Scott Murrish!

6/3 - Flippin' Out...
Herman's Hideaway had another big night with
BFJ and Mind Go Flip, four musicians from
Greeley. Witnesses were amazed by a Buckylove
funk sermon, and Doug from MGF playing the
trombone with his feet. A big thank you to all our
friends and family that came to support us.
We love you!

Now we get to back up to Boulder, where the word
is still bouncing around about our Boulder Creek
Festival show.

5/27 - Who's afraid of the BFJ?
What a weekend. Friday night we blew down a
real big tent at the Celebrate Colorado Artists
, in the downtown Denver Pavilions.
When we got there, they had no power in the tent.
They didn't have any left when we got through, either.
BFJ was also seen and heard on
Denver's ABC TV Station, Channel 7, KMGH.
Special thanks to our friends at 7News,
who are without a doubt the best
(and funkiest) news team in Denver.

Check out the VIDEO - click here.
(You need RealPlayer to see this.)

Saturday night just kept the BFJ winning streak
going. A big 'ole crowd of people were dancing
and singing and laughing at Buckylove as we
headlined the second night of the Boulder
Creek Festival
, at the Bandshell Park in downtown Boulder.
It was a perfect night and we loved
it. Thanks to Boulder Creek Events for making it

5/4 - Fox Hunting...
The Fox Theater loved the BFJ sound,
and we loved the sound at the Fox.
We warmed up the hall for the good guys
from California, Carlos Washington and the
Giant People.
The crowd and the musicians
were definitely into the grooves that were
going around. Those that stuck around
were even treated to Buckylove sitting in
with Carlos, which was like watching
the trumpet version of Aretha Franklin and
Mariah Carey. I'll let you figure out who was

"The Giant People sound combines
jazz, funk, hip-hop and world music formats.
The instrumentation is electric bass, guitar, drums, keyboards,
vibraphone, and trumpet with effects."

Members of this 4-piece have played with
Arturo Sandoval and Carl Denson. Read about 'em
at www.giantpeople.net

This was one hell of a jazzy, funky show.
Keep your eyes peeled for more BuckyLove
at Boulder's legendary music theaters.

4/8 - Spider Girls...
The FUNdry didn't let us down. Boulder
love us, and we love Boulder. Hugs and kisses
all around, huh? We got some kisses from
a group of mysterious ladies that joined us
on stage (in spiderwoman outfits?), and a
very generous tip from a young man that
just knew that BuckyLove could sing
"Stormy Monday" like nobody in town.
Above all else, there was some serious
funk stepping in the house. We like it that
way, and we plan to repeat the scene....

3/18 - Space Circus at Herman's...
Another big show at Herman's Hideaway was
a packed house and a party that made St.
Patrick proud. Like Bucky said, "When you think
of old school cats - think of us."

Three lucky people walked away with free
CDs after they acted on their innermost urges
to buy one of our smooth tee-shirts. Will you
be the next lucky stiff? We hope so...

And keep your eyes peeled for some special
shows as the weather gets warmer...

Thanks for coming out and keeping the
smiles on our faces... we love you!


3/8/01 - It's Easy Being Green... Do you notice a trend? Everybody wants BFJ
and our Flacousins to come blow the roof off. We're only too happy to oblige. By the way, Vinson is also Irish - but that's obvious, right?


3/5/01 - The Funkensequel...
The Soiled Dove got a taste of the dirty bird, and thanks to all of you for bringing the party. If it
looks like we're having fun, it's because we are. Thanks again to all of our friends, and to our
bruthas in Yo! Flaco, who put on a great show as well.

We did debut a new original at the Soiled Dove, and if the crowd reaction was any indication, its
just as Smooth as BuckyLove intended... Great shows in Boulder coming up! Shaw looks good to me... If you haven't been one of the lucky recipients of a free demo, please check out the Listen page for some digital samples. Trade 'em on any illegal music-swapping software you can find.

02/25/01 - The Free Skier Magazine Bash was one hell of a good time at the Foundry. We rocked the house, and everybody loved the funk and the free stuff flying into the crowd, including pairs of skis, jackets, backpacks, videos and two bikes. They didn't throw the bikes, though. Thanks again to the magazine and to the Foundry for making it all happen.

2/18 - Reunion...Saturday night's show at Herman's Hideaway was everything we expected and more. Thanks to everyone who came out and partied - and packed the house. Ethan Raczka from Yo Flaco! made a special guest appearance during our set,
and then our two horn sections combined for a couple superjams. Our only 2 disappointments were: (1) Not all of our fans made it in to see us -- we understand that a number of our fans got stuck outside waiting to get in while we were on stage, because the club was filled to capacity, and (2) A lot of people who wanted one of our free CD demos left empty-handed.
We ran out of discs!

As a result, we've got 2 remedies: (1) We have soundboard audio from the show
and we're going to make it available in MP3 format on the site very soon, and
BFJ + Yo! Flaco, the funkensequel

02/11/01 - Herb's Hangover.. Well, if you didn't stop by and see us this weekend, you missed a guest appearance by a bagpiper, and an 80-year-old professional cruise
ship dancer who has been in movies. Where does B-6 make these friends?

02/04/01 - We slammed both levels of the Foundry on Feb. 2 and 3 -- its always fun to see the looks on peoples' faces when they walk in and see us. Boulder is becoming Buckytown.
We love you all...

01/31/01 - What's up y'all. We're happy to hear from everyone, and we hear the clamoring
for the original BFJ CD that's in the works. You'll be the first to know any news about the
project by making sure you're on our mailing list.

Right now, BFJ is arranging and rehearsing the second half of the CD, while plans are made to
record the first half. The CD will include some of the original music you've been hearing at our shows, including "In Walked Bucky," "Don't Dat Purdy," and "Big-Legged Woman."

01/01/01 - Happy New Year. Time to get funky in the '01. Really good quality fresh MP3's
now available in the Listening Room. A bunch of new shows added, and a killer night
at Herman's Hideaway with Yo Flaco.

11/21 - Happy T-giving to everybody. You might want to gather everyone around the warm,
crackling glow of the computer monitor to listen to the new RealAudio samples available
in the
Audio Room. A couple little gems from our blockbuster production at Herman's Hideaway
a few weeks ago. Ask us how you can get a free demo CD at any of our live shows.

11/10/00Thank you to one and all for tearing the roof off of Herman's Hideaway.
It is now officially an outdoor venue. There were cries of "Buckylove for President" heard out in the crowd, but we're not sure if he would get the necessary electoral votes. Probably the popular vote though. We've got it all on tape, so watch out for some live audio (or video) coming soon to buckylove.com. Special thanks to the crew at Herman's for producing a great show.



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