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Jill writes:

You guys provide a rare sound. The front horn section seemed to'git me where I live'. The rest of the
band-back groove finishes the funkenz groovin picture, and gets the audience in the synergy flow, from stage
to crowd. Irresistible! Been in sound production for awhile. You guys stop everyone in their tracks to catch
 the hot steam and then....the coooool down ~~
 Best to you,
 Jill E. Michel
 Music Production Management
 LinkPoint Productions &
 Shaped Music Inc.
 Fort Collins Colorado

Jill thank you for  your support of  band. The sound equipment your company provided was top notch
also, thank your sound engineer Ricardo Velez For His Excellent Audio Engineering For Our Show In Fort Collins

Paul Z. writes:

You guys rock! Saw a great show with some friends. My personal motto is "never trust a man who likes to dance, or a woman who doesn't," but you guys had me going.

Thanks Paul. We tend to get people going whether they like it or not. You can trust us.

'Munson9' writes:

Can you give any advice to me and my harmonica band?

Munson, we must confer with the International Funk Federation and get back to you. In the meantime, please verify that your harmonica
 is a certified Funktatronic Harmonica - there is nothing worse than a fake, fraudulent funktatronic harmonica. Thank you.

'Rughty' writes:

Just listened to your mp3's. You guys are... uh...um... leaving me speechless for one. That's some great music (great live recording too).
I used to be in a band with [BFJ drummer] Dave about ten years ago. Tell bo-bo hey for me. Oh yeah, put more mp3's on the site!! Please!!

Thanks Rughty. We'll tell boo-boo to get to work on some more mp3 files.

Kim O. writes:

You guys are all men, real men, super studs. You get me in trouble with my boyfriend! SHHH! Lots of love - Kim O.

You are too kind Kim. Please don't get into trouble and thank you for your support of Buckner Funken Jazz

John M. writes:

Your rhythm section rocks especially your bass player. Man talk about holding the pocket !! How does he generate so much funk,
thumping, barely moving his hands? He is a joy to watch.

Thank you John

David P. writes:

You guys are so great! You make me want to shake my rump back and forth and make out with my girlfriend!
Damn! You go girl!

Thank you, David. Anything we can do to help.

Tom R. writes:

Your bass player (B-6) is one of the smoothest and funkiest bass players I have heard in a long time. He makes your band
groove, your lucky to have him he is truly a great player !!!

Thank you Tom 


Lee Pelton writes:

Met B-6 at the South Park Music festival and had a great bass clinic on main street w/him. One cool dude and smoking bass man!
This is Lee from Powder Munki!!! great meeting you ! was a privilege! Will be catching you around Denver

Lee Pelton

Thank you Lee - I hope the drills that we worked thru will help you get your speed up Peace (B-6)

Katie writes:

Do you do backyard parties anymore? Were sure your to big for that now! That is where we first saw you at a block party!! You were great!


Thank you Katie - We will never be to BIG for our friends. We have grown to where we are today
because of our fans and friends like you that support Buckner Funken Jazz, .

Paul  writes:

Hi Ron (B-6)
Thanks for the show last night, solid groove in the pocket, great tome, and smooth playing
You guys sounded great, thanks for the shout out to me, the band and Mojo's Academy
We need to book a show together sometime but not sure if  Denver could handle a night with
all the groove.

Thank you Paul and maybe we can do something together and let me know how I can
 help Mojo's Music Academy

Link to Mojo's Music Academy

Peace (B-6)

Keith  writes:

Hi Ron (B-6)
Had a great time at your show last night! WOW! Those were some serious botty - shakin' grooves
It looked like you guys were having a great time up there, truly you are the ambassadors of
Funk in the Denver area. Don't even get me started on the quality of the talent that
I saw up there ........ Holy Smokes!!!!
Keith (Guitarist for Mojomama)

Thank you Keith and yes were having fun jamming for our friends

Peace (B-6)

Electra writes:

Buckner is the Real Deal
By elektra from Castle Rock, May 30, 2008

Buckner's cast of characters is truly what makes this band special. Aside from Great Tunes and
Incredible Musicianship, they are so much fun to watch. I love them. Buckner Funken Jazz is everything a Funk Band should be.

Thank you electra we really appreciate your support

Peace (B-6)

If you go:

What breast FEST, featuring Bela Karoli, Buckner Funken Jazz, the Streetside Studio Dancers and DJ Japadapta, benefiting Young Empowered Survivors.
The event was a success, packing the nightclub and building momentum for this year's breast FEST,
Buckner Funken Jazz is a renowned Denver-based eight-piece band playing, as its name implies, funk and jazz music
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