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Robin Hill the son of our conga player Bobbie Hill fondly known to the band as "DAWG" woof. DAWG says it this way "Nothing moves me more than a groove that soothes me. Nothing soothes me more than that psychotic, hypnotic product of The Buckner Funken Jazz Band ahh... But, I have the antibiotic aspirin the fix if you will come see come saw lets understand the role at best BFJ are not just beat makers they create a sound a signature its all just Funken Jazz.


Robin is an addition to The Buckner Funken Jazz Band. He is responsible for getting our email lists signed, band security, and getting you out on the floor to have a good time.  He will also answer questions about the band, take information from you about gigs that you would like The Buckner Funken Jazz Band to play for . We hope you will enjoy Robin or "DAWG" as we call him.






Trip To Minturn Colorado.


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