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Buckner Funken Jazz

Old-school funk with a Mile High twist.



There are several bands that have thought combining Parliament-style old-school funk with jazzified sensibilities would be a great idea, but there are few who can do the trick without looking like a sniveling bunch of jazz-fusion wannabes, like Buckner Funken Jazz. Sure, the band has everything a jazz aficionado would ever want, be it well-polished ivory tickling or bluesy trumpet squirts -- both flavored by practiced musicianship -- but then again the group isn't caught up in the jazz hype. Underneath the keyboard melodies and the tooting trumpet creeps a groove-worthy bass line and some sexy, pure funk guitar work. Despite its jazz/funk pedigree, Buckner Funken Jazz doesn't slip into the oft-abused strains of fusion, a mercy that keeps the act from sounding too derivative and from whirling off into the annoying recesses of jazz-snob obscurantism. -- Matt Schildhild

Music: Funk, Jazz

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